And Now In Dual Mono

In Dual Robot, Simon's Blog by Simon Townshend

Hey All

I’ve been ultra excited about releasing this…. It’s Giving Up (For Freedom) in fabulous dual mono. I hope you enjoy. Just pan from side to side to get the full effect.


Sorry, no longer available for stream or download.

Previous downloads here:
Giving Up (For Freedom):
Version 1: Giving Up (For Freedom)-acoustic
Version 2: Giving Up (For Freedom)- mono robot

End Of The Road:
Version 1: End of The Road (acoustic)
Version 2: End of The Road (mono robot)
Version 3: End of The Road (dual mono)

Version 1: Magnet (acoustic mix)
Version 2: Magnet (mono robot)
Version 3: Magnet (dual mono)
Tweaked Mix: Magnet (Dual Robot)