Still on the road….

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Hey All

To continue the story where I left off, take a listen to this free download. It features a stylophone solo and much more….

I spent a long time trying to work a second lead vocal into this track but instead of adding, it actually took away. I can’t compromise what I believe is perfect just to get a point across…  at least, not on this track anyway. I love it just how it is. So, this is the ‘mono robot’ mix of, ‘End Of The Road’ sharing the lead vocal from the acoustic mix. I guess you could say that the final dual mono version you will hear next week is not pure ‘dual mono’ but has all the same intentions 😉  Either way, I’m really proud of it and it’s inspired. Oh, and it’s free which is also pretty cool.

See you same time next week for the final installment – the end of this particular road.  ST

Sorry, no longer available for stream or download.

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