Third Version of Magnet (Dual Mono)

In Dual Robot, Simon's Blog by Simon Townshend

Thanks everyone for taking the time to listen to both previous versions of Magnet and to those that left comments. Much appreciated. I’ll be completely honest, I never thought I’d get this far along without someone figuring out what the 3rd final version would be. It was kind of overlooked that both previous versions are in mono. That’s right! Mono! Even my studious musician friends and band mates missed that one.

The story: A couple of years ago I had an idea to make an acoustic album featuring some new but mainly old songs. Unfortunately, I found it hard to get motivated. It wasn’t until I came up with this concept that I became interested enough to get started. The concept is simple: record two mono versions of the same song that can be listened to separately – one version a writer performance (acoustic, piano, guide track, etc) the other version a power trio, soundscape…. or whatever. Something entirely different. The end result is a ‘dual mono’ version of both mono tracks playing simultaneously thus creating a third version in broad stereo.

If you have a balance control on your stereo (there is one at the bottom of the accessibility tab in your i-phone/ipad settings) you can pan left and hear the acoustic version or pan right and hear the band version – centered you get the full picture. Dah-dah!! This is my unique creation. Pointless rubbish you may be thinking?? Possibly, but anything that inspires and gets me in the studio working is a good thing and the Dual Robot concept has done just that. I hope you enjoy what you hear. There’s more on the way, maybe not quite as radical…. you’ll have to wait and see. I’m as excited as you are to find out  😉

Sorry, no longer available for stream or download.

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