End Of The Road (Acoustic), Ohana Festival and more….

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Hi All

Thanks again everyone for all the interest and comments on Magnet. Really pleasing. I’ve even had texts from my famous friends and family stating how much they dig the song and concept, kicking themselves as to why they hadn’t thought of it first. Please do continue to listen and share the song (download file links listed below) as I’m keen to get it out there. It’s free and caring is sharing 😉

Now it’s time to move forward. My latest track for the Dual Robot concept is a rework of an unreleased classic, End Of The Road. It was originally demoed for my DotBom project back in the 90’s which for one reason or another didn’t leave the workspace. The first free download, once again in mono, is the acoustic / piano guide track. There is a synth pulse which I used to keep time to. I didn’t clean it up too much, it’s pretty dirty – you can hear the hustle and bustle at the end as I move from room to room (working alone I have to press record / start / stop myself). I’m even heard talking to myself saying how ‘cool’ the pass was. Enjoy! Next mono robot ‘electric’ version will be posted same time next week. Rock n’ Roll!

One last thing to mention, I have a full band gig booked at The Half Moon, Putney on June 10th NEW DATE FEB 4th 2018. I hope some you on this side of the pond can make it along – should be a great night. A limited number of specially discounted tickets have been made available to my blog readers. Please use this link to reveal the discount option.

I’ve also been confirmed to play at this years Ohana Festival, California, September 8th. Ohana is Eddie Vedder’s festival which he personally invited me to. I’m really excited about this as it’s rumoured he’ll be joining me for a song during my set and highly likely I’ll be joining him for a song during his, too. Can’t wait!

At the end of the road I found a place to start…..

Sorry, no longer available for stream or download.

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