End Of The Road (Dual Mono)

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Hi All

Here’s an interesting treat for you…. it just so happens that the acoustic version of, End Of The Road was easily time stretched, tuned and manipulated to fit perfectly alongside the electric version. Also, by chance both versions were recorded in mono. How about that, they fit together perfectly! Enjoy!

Stay Tuned for more mono fun over coming weeks!
– ST

PS – If you have a balance control on your stereo or player you can pan left and hear the acoustic version or pan right and hear the band version – centered you get the full picture.
*iphone7 & ipads: balance slider is at the bottom of the accessibility tab in settings
*on macs: System Preferences > Sound, then click Output, the balance control is right there; L/R slider
*on windows: control panel – sound > playback tab > click speakers/headphones > pick levels tab > click balance button. There you can adjust L/R.

Sorry, no longer available for stream or download.

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