Ed & Si Live in Seattle

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This is a video I’ve pieced together on Final Cut Pro whilst sitting in airport lounges, on planes and in rental cars, etc. Apple Mac Book Pro’s are just amazing when used for this purpose. I took various bits of footage, some downloaded from YouTube posted by fans and some captured on my GoPro camera that ran out of battery halfway through She Asked Me. Still, it looks pretty good, captures the vibe of the moment and the sound board recording is fantastic. Enjoy!

This is the direct link to view on YouTube: http://youtu.be/yVWpzjb3vcw


  1. Thank you again Simon for sharing this.
    So many of us are looking forward to hearing more from this show at the Triple Door. Can hardly wait.

    Wednesday is right around the corner!

  2. Simon I loved the songs with Eddie Vedder.I have been a Jammer since 1990. And I must say you voice and songs blew me away. You are a true talent.Thank God you don’t do rap. Pease and much love to you.

  3. I wanted to thank you again for being so kind awhile back when I got the opportunity to meet you at the NYC Winery at the artist showcase show. You reached in your pocket and gave me a guitar pick. I wanted again to thank you. It meant alot. Love the video.

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