Simon Townshend Proves Who He Is

In Press by Kathy

Charlie Bermant has an in-depth critique/review of Simon’s Seattle gig and Denial – over at No Depression — Simon Townshend Proves Who He Is – Apr 23rd 2014. 

“You gotta love social networking, and the opportunities it provides to artists. Townshend has approached the limit of 5,000 friends and I’m one of them, reading his gleeful dispatches and seeing his unselfconscious fan pictures. Social networking is one place where you can easily fake sincerity, but Townshend seems to be having a good time.”

“We learned about Townshend because of his brother’s band, but we stayed to listen because the songs are great and the performance is engaging. And Denial is good enough that I broke down and ordered the vinyl version, which provides yet another compelling view of some really wonderful songs.”