ST supports The Who in Mexico City

In Simon's Blog by Simon Townshend

Tonight, I’m supporting The Who for their first ever show in Mexico City. I’m excited to see how the 17,000 Who fans react to my solo acoustic set. We had an incredible welcome by hundreds of fans at our hotel yesterday, so much excitement to see us arriving…. I have a feeling it will be an amazing night.

With my last two US album releases, Looking Out Loooking In (remastered) and Denial (remixed and remastered) being released in the UK this Friday 14th Oct, some reviews are already coming in – here’s a good one:  There are new liner notes done by Eddie Vedder and my bruvver Pete, plus bonus tracks, I’m The Answer and She Asked Me (both feature Eddie on vocals). Get in there and check them out!

Here are product links:

Oh, and big thanks to everyone that wrote on my website, Facebook or Twitter feed to wish me a Happy Birthday on Monday 10th Oct. Don’t worry, although I was a long way from home, I didn’t miss out on anything…. Here is the cake the band had made for me:


Rock n’ Roll!