Half Moon, Putney – 29th Jan 2016

In Simon's Blog by Simon Townshend

I’m delighted to announce that I have Mark Brzezicki (Drums), Phil Spalding (Bass) and Tony Lowe (Lead Guitar) joining me as special guests for my upcoming show at The Half Moon, Putney on Friday 29th January 2016:


The gig is part of the Independent Venue Week and is going to be a rockin’ night out so get your baby sitters booked and get down there – or for the younger crowd, tell ’em you can’t baby sit tonight cos you’re going to a gig. It’s particularly exciting for me as this is the very band I used to record the Denial CD, due for release in the UK next year. This updated version is different to the previously released US copy…. different mixes, tracks, sequencing and cover artwork. There will be a 4 track CD sampler available at the Half Moon so you can get a pre-release taster.

I can’t believe it’s only a week until Christmas… feels like only yesterday when I was vacuuming up Santa’s sooty footprints from the living room floor. I must say, a real positive this year is that I haven’t had to endure, ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’.  I dunno why?? Maybe it snowed in Africa so messed with the lyric? Whatever, it’s a blessing. So, here it is, Merry Christmas everybody, have some fun (Thanks Noddy;-)) Oh, and keep your eye out for a Periscope live performance or two in the not too distant future – I have lots of downtime and have seen, A Christmas Carol and Miracle On 34th Street.

Happy days!