Denial – Published – Released – Set Free!

In Simon's Blog by Simon Townshend

Denial is available at long last. I hope some of you non ST fans give it a chance and check it out. I believe it’s my best album to date. I was elated to recieve an email from my brother, Pete giving it the thumbs up. His comments blew me away actually:

“Well the whole album is amazing, surprising, new sounds and rhythms, and seductive guitar sounds.”

And to all those that I have been in contact with via social network over the last few years, I’m sorry for my silence over the last few months. I intend to reconnect and rebuild any burnt bridges with my faithful friends and fans.

A big thanks to British Airways for sponsoring my upcoming US tour. Our flight over was to the usual high BA standards, the staff onboard were friendly and the service was top class. Up, up and away!