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My day began bright and early in midtown Manhattan at the ‘On The Roof’ interview with Scott Phelan, Joel Naftelberg and crew. Had a great time chatting about my musical family upbringing, solo career and involvement with The Who…. Same old, same old really but with a difference, I was very honest and relaxed.


Had a fab time and I think my fans will enjoy watching. I only had my nylon strung classical with me so played Mother and Still Love, image another total departure from my usual 6 string approach when given the chance to air some of my material.

From there I had a police escort to take me to Long Island for the Fireman Jam. That was a blast! We drove through rush hour traffic as though it wasn’t there. Unbelievable! I’d like to say a big thank you to the SHFD for inviting me to this event.  I had such a great time and met some amazing people that risk their lives on a voluntary basis in order to save others. I heard some pretty intense stories. There’s a picture of me holding a machine that’s used to prise open doors or crush locks, etc to gain access at serious accident scenes. image

To round off the day I went with two of my best friends, part of the US Stir Music team, to a local bar / restaurant and drank tonic water and discussed the future, laughed about old times and ate myself senseless. Fabulous!

Signing off now…. Just finished sound check for tonight’s gig –  my big bruv’s little outfit are playing at the Prudential Center, Newark. Before I sign off though, I’d like to ask my fans and friends to refrain from posting photos where I have my eyes closed, look gawky, look older than I am or just plain ugly. I don’t mind YOU looking shite but I have a reputation to think of – my modelling career cannot be compromised. 😉  That’s all for now, will check in again soon.


  1. Wow – that was an amazing performance at the SHFD Jam! Thank you for that, and thank you for being so kind as to take the time to speak with my daughter about music – she is truly inspired. We also picked up your new album and LOVE it – especially the song “Heal”. Looking forward to seeing you LIVE again soon. 🙂

  2. Hey Simon, great show in Asbury Park on Thursday, awesome Who gig in Newark on Saturday. We brought two newcomers with us on Thursday and, no surprise, they are die-hard fans now. Thanks for being so gracious (as usual) meeting everyone afterwards. We loved hearing about you & Zak Starkey being young pub mates back in the day. Loved hearing “Girl in New York” again. Please keep scheduling NJ gigs (including unexpected ones like Drew’s in Ringwood), even if your brother’s band is not heading across the pond.

    Love the firefighter gear!

  3. Simon, saw and met you st McCloones on Thursday ( told you how fortunate you are to do a gig for 100 people one night, then 15,000 the next. You thoroughly agreed), and then I saw you guys at prudential center on Saturday. Thanks for sticking with it until the Who’s conclusion. Please come back to NJ soon – you are loved here!

  4. Sounds like you and Bob (and others) had a great time! Thanks for sharing your time and music!

  5. Simon is brilliant been following him since1985❤️❤️❤️❤️?!

  6. Great shows in ny area……please play again soon…..just stay in ny with the who for ten nights at the garden….greatness…keep up the live rock,james………www.youtube.com/user/mrennudmrennud

  7. You are the busiest rock star out there! Thanks for a great show in Newark!!

  8. Sounds like you had a great day! You should come to Hahira, Ga and be grand marshall of our Honey Bee Festival in October if you want to have a blast! Hahira (population 2800) was immortalized in Ray Stevens’ song Shriner’s Convention!

  9. Hi Simon, looking forward to San Diego show. Flying over from UK, it will be 40 years to the week since my first ever gig (Charlton Athletic, May 31st 1976 – The Who put the boot in tour). Would love to meet the band (met Pete at Oceanic when he played the benefit with Raphael Rudd back in the day)

  10. Simon, You are gracious, kind, funny and most talented. It was just wonderful to hear the stories told from your perspective. Your willingness and good vibe contributed to what was a memorable afternoon and what will become a beautiful program about you. I feel blessed to be able to call you friend.
    Much love & peace. Joel.
    PS – I hope I didn’t post any pics of you with your eyes closed ;-)…..

  11. You could have driven a fire truck, had you been more sociable at the BURREN in October, we’re connected. After years of following you and loving your music, LOVING YOUR MUSIC, all the money, all the global traveling, all we had to go through, we’re done.
    The Boston WHO show was good but the PHILLY show rocked our world. Now, after 50 years, I can put a period at the end of my life with The Who. Glad we met a few times and the magic now is gone. You certainly have changed. We all have. Good luck!

  12. I can’t stop laughing!!! I hope you think my photos of you are flattering! ? But good for you to do the Fireman’s Jam. I was in 9/11 and saw many rush toward danger and death as I was trying to escape. I had always respected them, but now …. It’s beyond simple respect each time I look at one of those guys. They are truly special people.

  13. Ha ha. You’re so cute. I love the fireman look, Simon!
    Glad you’re having fun. Keep drinking soda water! xx

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