Fantastic Time!

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I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did at The Half Moon, Independent Venue Week gig last night. It was a big success for all involved. During the show we had a couple of minor technical glitches and the stage / venue itself is very loud (I had a lunatic in front of me, too but that’s another story) so I struggled to hear myself at times – apart from that it was a great success to a sold out crowd. The band were amazing, so tight and powerful. Shifted a ton of CD samplers, too – can’t wait for some online feedback on that. For those who missed the band gig, don’t panic, we’ll be doing more shows later in the year.

Having said all that, I still want to play solo acoustic – One Man and His Guitar will still be rolling along, in fact we’ll be announcing more US shows shortly….. In the meantime, I’ve got a little gig with a little known band I play for now and again coming up soon…. I doubt you’d have heard of them.

Really exciting times.


  1. Looking forward to your return to the NYC area. It would be great to see you solo again or with your band…or even with that other band whose name escapes me. Peace, Simon T.


  2. Hi Simon,

    Gig was amazing with the band and venue was great too! When you do more gigs in the UK will definately be there love meeting you again and this time all the others. The CD is great, already have denial but want looking out looking in now! Really looking forward to the intimate little show in West London with the little band……Rock on, oh if you are in Camden next Friday TC3 are at Electric Ballroom!

  3. Hi Si,

    WHO could you be taking about? Looking forward to Boston. I hope you can squeeze in a solo show somewhere.


  4. Being an Ex Pat American living in West London, having heard your music on the radio over the past 3 decades, we were excited to have the rare treat of seeing and your all-star band play to a hometown crowd in an intimate venue. While the monitors on stage may not have been ideal, and that inebriated woman harassing you must have been distracting, to we in the audience you and the band sounded excellent. I posted a few iPhone videos to my facebook page and they’ve received many views from envious friends back home.

  5. it was a great night Simon, dentist for you mate , always get one or two, ha, thanks for the cd’s, Pat and Marc , will be Happy,will put up a couple of pics later , nice to meet Lisa, a couple of issue’s but Who! cares, i thought it was a great night , and Mr Spalding never broke a string!, and a great turn out, have a great time with the band over the pond, looking forward to the remastered album on stir, take care mate , Trev.

  6. Hi Simon!
    Happy to hear your gig was a blast.
    I really hope to see you in the UK sometime. We’ll be in the UK in October, when we drop off our daughter at Durham!
    Fingers crossed we bump into eachother again!
    Off to San Diego this week.
    Have a wonderful time with that obscure band.
    Sue xx

  7. It really was so nice to get to see the periscopes. Thanks for that. Hope to get to see the band soon 🙂 and of course the #onemanandhisguitar shows!

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