What A Day!

In Simon's Blog by Simon Townshend

My day began bright and early in midtown Manhattan at the ‘On The Roof’ interview with Scott Phelan, Joel Naftelberg and crew. Had a great time chatting about my musical family upbringing, solo career and involvement with The Who…. Same old, same old really but with a difference, I was very honest and relaxed.


Had a fab time and I think my fans will enjoy watching. I only had my nylon strung classical with me so played Mother and Still Love, image another total departure from my usual 6 string approach when given the chance to air some of my material.

From there I had a police escort to take me to Long Island for the Fireman Jam. That was a blast! We drove through rush hour traffic as though it wasn’t there. Unbelievable! I’d like to say a big thank you to the SHFD for inviting me to this event.  I had such a great time and met some amazing people that risk their lives on a voluntary basis in order to save others. I heard some pretty intense stories. There’s a picture of me holding a machine that’s used to prise open doors or crush locks, etc to gain access at serious accident scenes. image

To round off the day I went with two of my best friends, part of the US Stir Music team, to a local bar / restaurant and drank tonic water and discussed the future, laughed about old times and ate myself senseless. Fabulous!

Signing off now…. Just finished sound check for tonight’s gig –  my big bruv’s little outfit are playing at the Prudential Center, Newark. Before I sign off though, I’d like to ask my fans and friends to refrain from posting photos where I have my eyes closed, look gawky, look older than I am or just plain ugly. I don’t mind YOU looking shite but I have a reputation to think of – my modelling career cannot be compromised. 😉  That’s all for now, will check in again soon.