Daryl’s House

In Simon's Blog by Simon Townshend

I’m excited, I have a solo show at Daryl’s House, Pawling, NY on Thursday 29th October:

I used to listen to Hall and Oates in the 70’s, the wonderful days of vinyl. Great era for music and their album, Abandoned Luncheonette was a massive hit in my house. Their Philly sound was influenced heavily by another of our favourites, Todd Rundgren. This guy is a genius. Here was the benchmark to which we all aspired. A song writer / artist first, guitarist / musician second, his double album Something Anything was a life changer, a must have for all Toddy fans. That and his 1978 solo album, Hermit Of Mink Hollow. Other notable albums are: Utopia’s Oops Wrong Planet (Love in Action is a killer song that I’ve often thought about covering) and A Wizard A True Star. So, The point is, I admire Todd nearly as much as Daryl Hall does and that’s a lot. So Daryl and I, we have that in common…. ‘ Daryl, hoping we can catch up on 29th and talk Todd’.

A little anecdote: I was so thrilled to one day meet Todd Rundgren at a London bar (early 80’s), I got a bit shaky and accidentally spilled a gin and tonic over him. He was in a light blue suit. So just a little bit embarrassing. I often wonder, would he remember that moment like I do? At the time, he forgave me but didn’t want to stop and chat. Anyway, to you Todd, I offer this public apology. I hope we get to meet again one day and I can remind you all about it.

My solo show at The Cutting Room, NYC is approaching and tickets are selling fast so if you want to be there on the 28th October you’d better get yours in. I was hoping to have a guest or two with me for this one – trying to make it a bit of a thank you / get well show for Roger and The Who’s charity, TCA. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look likely now but I will definitely be setting something up in the near future. I’m not naming names yet, probably all the usual suspects and maybe one surprise. Could be me in a dress! Or a support act that is very very loud but with a name that suggests otherwise. Here’s a ticket link – hopefully see you there:

All for now! Stay tuned!