Good News and Bad News

In Simon's Blog by Simon Townshend

Yes, I know…. This webpage blog update is long overdue! I feel compelled to make a brief statement concerning recent developments. First, the bad news: Poor Roger Daltrey (my brother) has been unwell lately. Subsequently the first 4 shows of the 2nd leg of ‘The Who Hits 50’ tour have been postponed. An announcement will be made shortly as to when they will be rescheduled.

The good news is that Lisa Climie imagehas taken over my management. The usual ST crew is staying fully involved under the Stir Music banner but Lisa is stepping in to give me a kick start and get me working on my long awaited solo acoustic album, featuring some of my best songs Performed and sung by some of my favourite artist friends. Hopefully get me on some big festivals and / or support tours next year, too.

Visit Lisa’s webpage here:¬†

Ok. Well, that’s put you in the picture. Stay tuned for more regular updates.