Giving Back: Simon signs for TCA every Who gig with BIG results!

In News by Kathy

In the past, Simon has occasionally wandered the crowds pre-Who gigs to meet fans and sign cds. This time, during The Who Hits 50 US tour, Simon has volunteered his time to sign pre-show, every show*, to help raise awareness and money for Who Cares: Teen Cancer America.

Fans buy TCA wrist bands and can buy Simon’s Denial CD (a portion of which goes directly to TCA) to be able to meet Simon, have him sign some items and have their photos taken with him. It has been a HUGE success – helping TCA raise thousands of dollars, generate much awareness and recruit volunteers in city after city.

He looks forward to meeting more and more of you during leg two of the tour. We also hope to offer additional support to TCA through a few other activities – stay tuned!

Meanwhile – check out TEEN CANCER AMERICA’s website and get involved any way that you can!

website: ; Twitter: @TeenCancerUSA ;
FB: Teen Cancer America ; Instagram: TeenCancerAmerica

 *where allowed by venue