Cream Crackered!

In Simon's Blog by Simon Townshend

My mini vacation in the middle of my tour has turned into a major work out. I am cream crackered (that’s cockney ryhming slang for knackered)…. I’ve been paddle boarding, cycling on the beach (wide wheel tyres), bubbled and boiled, steamed, under water exercised (which I have to say is fantastic) and I’ve played water basket ball. I think I need a vacation within a vacation. Oh, and I locked myself out of the cabin with no phone or car key so had to call upon a neighbour to drive me to get a spare door key. The weather in Seattle has been amazing until now, it has only just started to rain. The log fire is burning and it’s as cosy as can be. Off to bed soon, need to get some energy up for whatever’s in store tomorrow…. Hopefully it will involve just a guitar and pen but that could be wishful thinking 🙂