Nice interview in the Somerville Times

In Press by Kathy

Somerville Times – Blake Maddux
Proud to be a townshend

” … the fact is that Simon Townshend, as a singer-songwriter, deserves more than just the attention that being Pete’s brother affords him. …  2012’s Looking Out Looking In was a major creative breakthrough, and Denial, which was released April 1, demonstrates that the youngest Townshend’s creative juices are still fully flowing”

“I think when you play to a small club, you have an intimate connection that you’ve got to learn how to get on a bigger stage. On bigger stages, it did take me quite some time to start to feel that you can connect to the people at the back, even if it’s 50,000-capacity. It’s not easy at first, but now I consider myself incredibly lucky, because I’m doing both. I’m able to play a club, and then when The Who are on tour, I’m out with them on the biggest stages. I think the most important thing is to just relax, to talk, to connect with your personality. And I think some artists don’t realize how important that is. [The people are] hearing the songs, they’re hearing your personality in the music, but they do want to hear you as a person, as well.”