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Hey All

I’m here in Rochester, NY with The Who for a show tonight in Canandaigua. The Quebec show was fab… So is Quebec City itself – It’s a wonderful place with really friendly people. The show was a festival with around 100k in the audience. In fact, I went to the same venue on Friday to see Metallica and was totally blown away by the sheer vastness of it all… and of course the band, they are incredible. Such great entertainment.

Here’s an instrumental mix of Nice Things To Do. You can have a listen whilst reading about the nice thing my mate Zak and I did on a day off yesterday in Rochester, NY…

We visited a local guitar and record store called, The House Of Guitars. We were there for a few hours. The place is rammed with gems, new and old – and some real rarities. In fact, Zak bought a Holiday (Harmony) bass and an Epiphone guitar – two instruments I’d never seen or heard of. I bought some vinyl and a couple of books (Neil Young and Mott The Hoople). The place is so large that one really needs a full day there to look around and try stuff out. It was so weird, when we arrived at the store I thought the place looked familiar. It wasn’t until one of the owners took me around the back to show me a wall of photos that I realised I’d done an in store there in 1985. At first, being so long ago I didn’t remember – just had a vague memory of the shop front…  slowly but surely though, it all came back to me. Felt like another lifetime it was so long ago.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the snaps and if you ever get the chance to pop in, say hi to the owners, Armand and Bruce Schaubroeck. They seem like good people that have been in business there for 52 years. They even kept the store open especially for us until 10pm AND one of their employees, Drew gave us a lift back to our hotel. That’s service. Such a nice thing to do on a day off in America.


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