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In News, Press by Kathy

Simon was recently interviewed by Lisa Torem for You can read the results in their magazine section.

Lisa asks some great questions, eliciting some real insight into Simon’s song writing; some backstories on some of the tracks of “Looking Out Looking In“; about being on the road; about working within The Who; about band camaraderie and Simon’s answer to ‘heaven or hell?’.

An excerpt:

When you’re playing a club tour, which I did earlier this year, playing to a home crowd, every time you play – I bought a ticket to see you, personally. Where as at a festival there are very much people you’re seeing for the first time, and they’re giving you a chance, if you like, to prove yourself and I love trying to win over those crowds and play songs, and singing lyrics is the key to reaching people. I really enjoy that aspect of it.

And I suppose it comes down to how I grew up. I’m determined to get my music heard and a song like ‘Denial’ – when I sang that it just cuts through everything and everybody understood it at all of the festivals. ‘She Asked Me’ is another one with a lyric that affects people. They understand the lyric and what it’s saying.