Simon Townshend’s album DENIAL has been well received since its initial release and contains some of Simon’s most personal and affecting work to date.

But don’t take just our word for it …

Raves for DENIAL – here’s just a few

Simon, I’ve been listening to the new record a lot. I got it a couple of weeks back. This is stellar Mate! I really like it. Excellent songs and the recording is fantastic. I especially like the acoustic sound on Mother and Mark’s Drums are fantastic. Especially on Leaving this town. Awesome. –  Mark Steinberg

Denial is just amazing! Thanks! I downloaded it to my iPhone. – Sheila Connor

I got to hear your the album. Absolutely love it especially Denial, All so Real & Gone. – Dan Yuter

Love the new cd!!! Your music always makes me happy – Catherine Downey MacDonald

First, Denial I think, is the best music to come out in ages. I can’t get the album off of any of my stereos. Mother is a phenomenal piece of music.  This album is fuckin amazing! – Lee Levett

Truly amazing and inspirational!  Love that you wrote each song! And love that Hannah sings with you on a few of them!  Great work!  You should be proud… very proud!  Keep up the great work… music and recovery! – Kathy Sorace Coyle

Well the whole album is amazing, surprising, new sounds and rhythms, and seductive guitar sounds.
But the song Denial is stunning. I was blown away by the key change – never heard a modulation so affecting and lifting. – Pete Townshend

Received Denial a few days ago and it hasn’t been from my player since then. Thanks so much for the great music Simon. Been a fan since Sweet Sound. Having lost my mother a few months ago your “Mother” brought tears to my eyes. – Reggy Tan

I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your new album.  After a few times through, I think it’s brilliant.  Your songwriting, which was always great, is even more intricate and deep. This album seems more introspective and thoughtful.  With each listen I get more from each song.  Well done!  – Nancy Langfeld

Congrats on the new album!! Been listening to it non stop & loving it! – Sean Smith

Denial is truly wonderful. Bought it and downloaded it and will also buy the vinyl. It’s your best work yet. A big thankyou for the music. And Mark Brzezicki’s drumming wow Is it Hannah’s backing vocals on Mother? What a brilliant track to start the album with. This album is as epic top me as Who’s Next. – Simon French

Pure brilliance. Bare assets, sorry essence still captures me every time, love it. Just as I was being swallowed by emotion I was awoken by the [bonus track] Won’t let go…superb. All so real, Gone…excellent. In fact I can’t fault any track. – Colin Shears

Just downloaded the album – excellent – certainly my fav yet.  – Andrew Goss

That’s your best album yet mate, lovin it. Great songs, great sound. – Paul Bruns