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Back on the road. Arrived at Detroit hotel, unpacked, bite to eat, shower, blog and ready for bed…. Er, did someone say, bed? This is what happens to me, I …

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Fantastic Time!

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I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did at The Half Moon, Independent Venue Week gig last night. It was a big success for all involved. During the show …

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Ready, Steady, Go!

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Had a great rehearsal yesterday, the band sound amazing. We’re all really looking forward to the Half Moon, Putney gig tomorrow (29th Jan) – it’s part of Independant Venue Week …

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Keep Music Live!

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I’ve really enjoyed playing songs live from my home studio using the fabulous Periscope App. I’ve only done it a couple of times and it’s obviously something I won’t be …

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ST On The Road

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Well, I have 2 shows under my belt and now on the road to Somerville, MA for tonights show at The Burren. Really excited as the Boston area has always …