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Hey Folks, I’m breaking my silence… right now I’m in the middle of a 6 week run of Orchestral Tommy shows with Roger Daltrey at the helm. Tonight we’re at Forest Hills, NY and Tuesday at the Mann Center in Philadelphia. After that I will need to consult tour book… I know we’re heading to Chicago soon.

I have to say, this is a really great show to be part of. The arrangements by David Campbell are stunning. If you like The Who’s Tommy you’ll love this show. My brother, Pete that wrote this wonderful rock opera will be very proud when he hears this, I’m sure.

Recently, outside of rehearsing and performing for Tommy, I’ve been busy writing and coming up with ideas for new songs, perhaps even reworks of old songs that deserve a new voice and a bigger captive audience. I have formed a new writing partnership that is exciting and the future is looking bright for my creative side, a part of me that has been locked away for too long. For this reason I have removed the free download links on my website for the time being. I hope some of you got to enjoy the demos I posted – hopefully one day you’ll hear one or two of them finished on a major album.

Ok. All for now. Maybe I’ll be back… maybe I won’t but stay tuned to find out. Thanks all for hanging with me and your undying support on my amazing journey. Love u all.
Si. X


  1. Hi Simon!
    Happy New Year. Have a wonderfully creative 2019. Hope to see you again someday!! xx

  2. Hi Simon
    Such a special show the other night in Forest Hills ( right next door to my hometown of Richmond Hill!) Wish I could go to more shows..hmm we’ll see ..Hey campers did you know Simon sang on the Tommy movie soundtrack as I believe a 9 yr old kid?Yup tis true! So great to hear Roger sing to the movie soundtrack superior sound to the original album..in my humble opinion..
    Have a great rest of the tour …please treat your NY friends with a shoe asap..
    Love Margaret 🦄

  3. Did you see me give Roger a bouquet after the main set…and receive a smooch?????

  4. I saw the show at Wolftrap, in VA. Absolutely amazing. The audience was completely energized!

  5. See you in Philly, the Mann is a great venue. Many’s the time I’ve been there .

  6. Just saw the Forest Hills show. So great to see you featured! Amazing show!

  7. Simon hope your still a Lion ??? All the Best mate From all The Lions sc

  8. Good to hear you’re doing ok and that we could have some new ST music soon.

  9. Good to hear from you again. Keep up the writing and I hope you release something new in the near future.
    Hope to see you in Scotland again.

  10. Remembering the old days Simon. Hope to see ya tour in a Florida

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