Another Mix, Another Holiday

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Hey All

Here’s an updated, narrow mix of Time The Healer with some additional drum and bass. It’s a bit more happening now.
I’m off on holiday for a couple of weeks before doing some more studio work, pre the upcoming Who tour.

Totally psyched!!!


Sorry, no longer available for stream or download.

Previous downloads here:

Nice Things To Do:
Mix: Nice Things To Do (Dual Robot)

Time The Healer:
Version 1: Time The Healer (Acoustic Mix)
Version 2: Time The Healer (Mono Robot)
Version 3: Time The Healer (Dual Mono)

Giving Up (For Freedom):
Version 1: Giving Up (For Freedom)-acoustic
Version 2: Giving Up (For Freedom)- mono robot
Version 3: Giving Up (For Freedom) – dual mono

End Of The Road:
Version 1: End of The Road (acoustic)
Version 2: End of The Road (mono robot)
Version 3: End of The Road (dual mono)

Version 1: Magnet (acoustic mix)
Version 2: Magnet (mono robot)
Version 3: Magnet (dual mono)
Tweaked Mix: Magnet (Dual Robot)


  1. Oh double drats my phone is broken awaiting a new one! I can’t get this at the moment but will do soon. Ziff should write screenplays or perhaps he already does! Thank you for being YOU & the Who’s not so secret weapon !!!
    Enjoy your break & wish I could go to BRAZILπŸ˜ƒ2 !!!
    Will post review ASAP
    Play NYC please Thanks
    Margaret ❀️🎢

  2. Thank you for sharing. Have not had a chance to listen to all of them yet.
    Kitty xx

  3. Simon, Not sure what the plans are but it would sure be great if you (solo or with support) open up things for the Caesars gigs in LV!

    Any chance?

    Thanks… keep the music coming!

    – Bob Schlieper

  4. Thanks for sharing! Great stuff!
    Hope you are well, and that we can chat again soon!

  5. Sorry that join the party so late. I have a lot of catching up to do!
    I like! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’–πŸ™βœ¨πŸŒŸ
    Take care and enjoy your hold!

  6. This is interesting.

    This is the part of the movie where the main character finds
    himself (or herself if that is the case) in a dream-state based on an event or maybe due
    to effects of some kind of drugs that were taken maybe the day before.

    And although the scene may run for 15 to 20 minutes on screen to
    work through the details, for the main character in reality it all happens in
    just a few seconds.

    For example, in my personal movie, the dream-state scene begins
    when the Olympic Gymnast on High Bar peels off the bar as his
    grips break, the 15 to 20 minute scene begins to play out as he immediately enters another
    realm. (there are occasional cuts back to the real time scene showing the Gymnast
    falling, in slow motion, out of control toward the ground). But as the ‘other realm’ scene ends,
    its back to the Olympic arena in real time and the whole thing happened in 3 or 4 seconds as the Gymnast
    comes crashing down (in real time) on the mats (or maybe he misses the crash mats and lands
    on the hard floor surface). When he wakes up, he realizes what
    has happened, and the message(s) he received while in the ‘other realm’
    plays a huge part in his decisions later in the film.

    (and of course, your next song, ‘Time The Healer’ fits right in with the theme going forward.)

    If the issue is effects the day after taking psychedelic drugs, I will reference the movie
    of the musical ‘Hair’. Just watch the scene where the soldier (who had taken psychedelic
    drugs for the first time) gets married to Beverly D’Angelo in the church.
    You’d think you were on LSD they do such a good job with it.

  7. Quite a bit of bottom end, had to turn down! πŸ˜‰ I really dig this experiment, and the results. Thanks for sharing with us Fanatical ones. – Cycletherapy, get plenty, wear that top shelf gear and ride heads up. Safely. Maybe a solo gig somewhere here in flyover country before too long ? Enjoy your time off, healing time off.- R&R. Thanks. Danny & Kelly McCullen.

  8. This is good! It will be great to see you in Las Vegas with The Who in August!

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