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Hey All

I’ve been ultra excited about releasing this…. It’s Giving Up (For Freedom) in fabulous dual mono. I hope you enjoy. Just pan from side to side to get the full effect.


Sorry, no longer available for stream or download.

Previous downloads here:
Giving Up (For Freedom):
Version 1: Giving Up (For Freedom)-acoustic
Version 2: Giving Up (For Freedom)- mono robot

End Of The Road:
Version 1: End of The Road (acoustic)
Version 2: End of The Road (mono robot)
Version 3: End of The Road (dual mono)

Version 1: Magnet (acoustic mix)
Version 2: Magnet (mono robot)
Version 3: Magnet (dual mono)
Tweaked Mix: Magnet (Dual Robot)


  1. Another great song and I totally love the concept!!

    One thing, for some reason when I download the m4a files from your site, the files are being named “.m4a.mp3” and while it plays fine, the software I use doesn’t recognize it properly until I remove the .mp3….it appears properly and plays correctly after changing the name. Just thought I’d post that in case anyone else is having any problems.

    Looking forward to more and looking forward to seeing you in Brasil later this year!

    1. Hi Scott – not sure what browser you’re using, but here on IE11, Chrome, FF (PC, Win10), they all download as .m4a’s – no additional file type added. Sounds like a browser preference setting or a file type association might be appending your download(?). You could always try downloading the zip file, as that contains the same m4a file once unzipped. – kathy

  2. Incredible, this musical ‘Tetris’ is. Cutting edge in every way. The lyrics are just as good. You’re ON. Thank you for sharing with the fans!

  3. Evening all Simon hope you are well.
    I was a bit lost in your vocals last week on the mono robot version 2, but now I can see where you were going and can understand you being ultra excited, I do like this song.
    I love Tuesdays, I’m ultra excited for what might come next week, I hope ?
    Take care, Spammy.

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