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Hey All

To continue the story where I left off, take a listen to this free download. It features a stylophone solo and much more….

I spent a long time trying to work a second lead vocal into this track but instead of adding, it actually took away. I can’t compromise what I believe is perfect just to get a point across…  at least, not on this track anyway. I love it just how it is. So, this is the ‘mono robot’ mix of, ‘End Of The Road’ sharing the lead vocal from the acoustic mix. I guess you could say that the final dual mono version you will hear next week is not pure ‘dual mono’ but has all the same intentions 😉  Either way, I’m really proud of it and it’s inspired. Oh, and it’s free which is also pretty cool.

See you same time next week for the final installment – the end of this particular road.  ST

Sorry, no longer available for stream or download.

Previous downloads here:
End Of The Road:
Version 1: End of The Road (acoustic)

Version 1: Magnet (acoustic mix)
Version 2: Magnet (mono robot)
Version 3: Magnet (dual mono)
Tweaked Mix: Magnet (Dual Robot)



  1. Hey Simon,

    Great new music and LOVE the experiment and that you are sharing it with your fans.

    It seems like it’s heading down the road to something I have long dreamed of- that an artist would share the raw tracks of a tune for people to play with and mix their own version of on a Garage Band type app. I for one would spend days and get huge pleasure out of hearing each component of a song, playing with variations on them, and then putting them together in new and different ways. AND, as you artists have to make a living, I believe that people would be very willing to pay, and to pay a premium, for music in this format. It could also be easier to protect from piracy, etc,. not to mention the deep ties it would engender with your fans. Who knows, some really great “hybrid music” might come out of it.

    You are obviously a forward thinker as to where technology can take music in the future, so maybe you’re the one that can make this dream come true.

    Would love to know your thoughts on this Simon.

    Thanks for all your great work and for sharing.

    By the way, the first thing I would do in this app is to lose all the 70s-80s synth stuff on these tracks – let the guitars reign! 😉

  2. Love this version! Another great song to add to my Simon Demos and Rarities folder – HTML, Tony With His Shades On, Next Fly, Rain, Vibrate, Head Hips & Heart…..

  3. Simon, really like this. The lyrics are fantastic and well matched to the sound. Great work. Joe

  4. Great arrangement, production and performance. Love the variety of sounds and instruments, plus the way it builds on a journey through the song and therefore matches the mood/message of the lyrics.
    Will be something special to hear live too!
    Keep ‘em coming Si!

  5. Hello Simon, what I love about you as a musician is the way you experiment and push for new ideas, this is a great song in the making.
    The sound of the stylophone brought back a lot of memories of the early 70’s, my mate had one, but you’ve still got one though.
    Looking forward to next week, have a good one yourself, thanks for sharing.

  6. Really digging this one a lot, Simon. The music, the groove, the lyrics–all of it. I’ll try to patiently wait for the dual robot version. No promises though :-p

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