New Music On The Way – And It’s FREE!!!

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Hi 3 ‘F’s (Friends, Fans and Family)

I’m so excited to have music flowing again. It’s an amazing feeling. Inspiration is priceless and comes along when you least expect it. I wrote 2 songs last night which I am starting work on today.

In the pipeline for next week is a revisit of a track that hasn’t been officially released before – it’ a surprise. Again, it will be posted in 3 separate free downloads starting with an acoustic version which will be posted on Tuesday 14th March.

Today, I have a final tweaked mix of Magnet – a little narrower than the last dual mono post and mastered up a little. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend.

Si. X

Sorry, no longer available for stream or download.

Previous downloads here:

Version 1: Magnet (acoustic mix)
Version 2: Magnet (mono robot)
Version 3: Magnet (dual mono)


  1. I really like this! It’s a memorable tune with great lyrics. Good mix on this one, also. I look forward to hearing more of your creations!

    1. Dear Mr Simon.

      Magnet is a brillant song. Best yet. Lyrics sublime. Straight to the point. Had all the tracks on repeat constantly. Not had a chance to assess the diferent approaches. Need to hear played through the hifi first not on a tinny tablet before I can compare.

      On first hearings and on an emotional level, the music is very enjoyable, excellent as ever. Superior guitar playing. Uplifting. Enlivening. Just love the lyrics. Emotive, button pushing, in a good way. Interesting would love to know what inspired them. Witty if I may say so, salty with a twist of lime. Always something reasuring about listening to your songs even if they bring up deep emotions.

      Thank you for the free music. Generous and kind.

      Regards and respect.


  2. Good afternoon Simon,

    It certainly is not ‘pointless rubbish’.
    A fantastic song.
    Dual Robot is a strong title for an album.
    Stay focused.

    Best always.

  3. Hi Simon
    Yes inspiration hits in all kinds of mysterious ways doesn’t it?
    Don’t want to disturb the”roll” your on….keep on… Carry on creating…Looking forward to hearing more…Have a great weekend as well! 🎡🎢🎸🎹🎼

  4. Love new music and experiments even more. This is catchy and I go through my
    own personal ‘movie’ when I hear it. That ‘movie’ will continue, change, evolve as you
    release more great music.

    And I think David Bowie would have been all over your methods of recording as it would have fit well
    with his style of artistry as well…. but it’s not his style, it’s your unique style. Keep going yes!! Thank you for the music!

  5. I played this through my phone and into my car’s stereo system. Sounded pretty good at volume when parked in L.A. traffic. Too bad I wasn’t traveling at speed πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to the next batch.

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