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Here we go then, folks. This is a new version of, Magnet approached in a more bullish way than the last acoustic version. On this, I’ve gone for a deep, Lou Reed style vocal, tough Gretsch and Telecaster guitars, rock piano, pounding synth bass, cool groovy drums, block backing vocals and an eastern sounding top synth. I am sure this is going to raise a few eyebrows, I’m fully aware that most of my fans enjoy the acoustic versions of my songs as much as my full productions. Needless to say though, I’m thick skinned and can take anything that’s thrown at me… and this, after all, is an experiment. I already have a third and final version in the can which I’ll post in a few days (hopefully that one will shock you even more – it is the ultimate). Until then, please enjoy this, my second free download in as many weeks of, Magnet. Feel free to comment and share.

Sorry, no longer available for stream or download.


  1. Hi Simon
    Ok listened once again as always you are a true original artist.
    You are a true wordsmith & write clever infectiously wonderful songs….You are the real deal …the whole package a one man band…Lou Reed vocals? No sorry RIP to Lou no disrespect but the man had zero singing ability he talked/ pseudo sang & had some good musicians & backup singers 🎷🎷around him.Weird little cat said hello to him in the late 90’s at a Club.
    You are a real singer/ vocalist with emotional depth & range.
    Lou did the best he could with his very limited” mono” ability ! Lol!🎷Love the longish pause too very cool ..
    looking forward to hearing more…Thanks for sharing your process 😊

  2. The song reveals how your doing. Sounds like a positive statement. Its number one on my playlist.

  3. Mr Mark needs to be on the drums,Great rocking out version and nice lay out.
    Electric Simon is best Simon for me.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Love getting to hear the “work in progress”. Eagerly anticipating the next one!

    Hoping the “rumors” are true and we will be seeing you in Brasil this year!


  5. Hi Simon
    Love it great new tune as always..
    Yes!! please return to New York with your ” Electric Friend” ASAP !! STB electric riding high again with Ben on drums of course!
    Hope all is well in your world & all your loved ones!
    Margaret xx

  6. Well Simon, you certainly meant it when you said that things would start get interesting after the 2 acoustic versions you gave us, i’ve listened to it 5 times now and wow it is a little bit different.
    The synth parts sent me back to the 80’s with the Human League, and at one point I was in Ike & Tina Turner zone.
    I really enjoyed this version though, bring on the next.
    Thank you very much.


  7. Sounds great. Love the acoustic demos as it can show how a song develops but to keep things fresh you have to experiment. Looking forward to the next version.

  8. Hi Si, it’s Steve, sounds great, but, I would replace the synth for a brass part to me would make it more dramatic, and a nice old fashioned looped echo on the vocal, but hey, long time since I was in a studio with you.

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