MOJO and R2 Remasters Reviews

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Some reviews currently on the newsstand:

R2 (Rock n Reel):

In the Nov/Dec 2016 issue of R2 (Rock n Reel), Alan Clayson gives the newly remastered Looking Out Looking In and Denial three stars each:

“Other than predictable highlights – the title tracks and ‘Bare Essence’, Denial‘s spin-off single – ‘Bed of Roses’, ‘Forever And A Day’ – a remake of Sweet Sound’s ‘I’m The Answer’ and, especially ‘She Asked Me’ leap out upon first encounter. Nevertheless, companion tracks soon emben themselves with further spins, and an educated guess is, if you decide to buy one of these CDs, you’re likely to end up the the other, too.” – Alan Clayson, R2


The January 2017 MOJO contains a short and sweet Pat Gilbert review DENIAL, giving it three stars:

“Confessional outpourings, tough rock and complex folk pickings …” – Pat Gilbert, MOJO

Both remastered albums were released Oct 14th on Stir Records, in the UK. DENIAL was also completely remixed, and features new bonus tracks plus new liner notes from Pete Townshend. LOOKING OUT LOOKING IN contains new bonus tracks featuring Eddie Vedder as well as new liner notes from Ed.



  1. I just received the new remastered album of ‘Denial’. I had the original for awhile. I see a connection to these two versions of albums in the same way the first two versions of ‘Magnet’ are presented. The original ‘Denial’ album is more raw Simon and a more intimate listening experience which has me wondering what inspired Simon Townshend to write this material. The remastered version (which I uploaded from the disc to itunes as ‘DenialB’ so they both stand as separate discs in the menu) takes the listener out of the linear focus and into the imaginative journey. I like both discs for different reasons, but I tend to lean more toward the ‘raw’ Simon work.

    I’ve listened to the song ‘Inspiration’ many times. It does get a bit challenging to hear/understand the lyrics from time to time throughout the song. I don’t know what causes it, but hopefully the lyrics to ‘Inspiration’ will be posted somewhere sometime so we can get the full effect of the song and your music.

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