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Tonight in Milan is the last Who show before the Santa Barbara Bowl, the big desert trip (Coachella) and Mexico shows in October. Before that I’m releasing, Looking Out Looking In and Denial (my last two US releases) in the UK on my new label, Stir Records. They have been remastered at Abbey Road, with Denial also being completely remixed. Both albums have new bonus tracks and some cool additions including new artworks and liner notes done by none other than Pete Townshend and Eddie Vedder. Eddie also added his vocal to She Asked Me and Pino Palladino has laid down an amazing new bass line on it too. Danny Thompson and Mark Brzezicki recorded new double bass and percussion parts respectively to a new acoustic version of I’m The Answer with lead vocal by Eddie Vedder. It has been really lovely to work with these guys, especially such a great experience to work with my old friend Eddie at his incredible home studio in Seattle.


By way of promotion, I’m doing a Q&A style acoustic show with guest host writer Pat Gilbert, from Mojo Magazine, at Home House in London on the 28th Sept. Following this I am performing a full band show at The Islington on the 30th Sept. For the latter, usual suspect Phil Spalding will be on bass, joined by my eldest son and former STB / Animal Soup member, Ben Townshend on drums. Mike Wilton, guitarist / songwriter of The Standard Lamps is playing lead guitar… A new line up for a new era. For anyone interested, here is a ticket link:

You’ll be able to pick up the new CD’s there exclusively ahead of official release date (14th Oct 2016). If you can’t make it along but want to buy the new product, watch this space as I will be posting up a pre-order link to all main outlets, Amazon, I-Tunes, etc very soon.

I hope to see some of you music nuts soon.




  1. Travelling down from Newcastle especially for the gig and wishing you great success with 2 great albums, time for a live album in the future Simon ?

  2. Dear mr Townsend, I had the unique pleasure to see you perform w/ the who may 29, ceasars palace, Las Vegas. I , of course enjoyed the show, my 1 st x seeing the who. I tried to get the best seat that I could but only could secure say row ee, five rows back from the stage. I do prefer closer and the ushers and security were vigilant about maintaining order and keeping everybody in their proper seats. So my question is as I have an eye and affection for show guitars and stage equipment was that a ‘silver tone that you had in your arsenal and was brought out for one of the pieces. I’ve seen them around before most notably in the music shop I frequent, on the Internet and surprisingly during a led Zeppelin tribute show. It’s well within the realm that mr page might have employed one back in the day.looking forward to seeing you perform again. With or without the who . Regards, mr harper

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  4. I was over the moon to attend the Celebrating the Who show in Chicago last year. To see Eddie Vedder perform with his and my beloved Pete was pure bliss. However I did not expect the total thrill and excitement of hearing him simg I’m the Answer with you! And to tell the story of his obsession with the album because that was my story too. (& Moving Target btw) She Asked Me was unknown to me at the time but has haunted me ever since. Am very excited for these new releases & that you and Eddie have made music together. lots of love to you all!

  5. This is GREAT news!!! I’m really looking forward to hearing the remastered CDs and the bonus tracks too!

    Hopefully, you’ll be bringing the full band to the U.S. for some gigs in the near future and my band “Lieder” can open for you in NYC or NJ (hint hint).

  6. Looking forward to the new CDs with bonus tracks! Hope to see you soon back in the states playing solo. Good luck!

  7. Awesome! I’m excited to hear the remixes, especially, the acoustic version of “I’m the Answer.” I got to play that one on the radio, so, you know… It’s very dear to me. All the best with your new label. Wish I could see you! I’ll be in London the very next day! Wah !

  8. Exciting times! Best of luck with the album releases and shows. Wish I could be there, but hope to see you soon. ❤️

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