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I am really enjoying this leg of the US Who Hits 50 tour. Right now, we’re the best we’ve been for years. Great energy. Having said that it’s hard work and I’m looking forward to a break. We have 4 more shows to do here on the west coast and I have a solo gig at The Hotel Cafe, LA on Tuesday 24th May. I’m sharing the bill with 100 Year War, Paul Freeman’s band. So come and check us out, we look forward to seeing you there.

Coming up, also recently announced, I’m playing solo shows at the Isle of Wight festival (Big Top Tent) 11th June LineUp-v10and

Zenith Toulouse, 14th June (supporting The Who).toulouse-st-who-07

I cant wait – so exciting to get some of my own music out there.

That’s all for now but stay tuned – things are brewing.


  1. Great show tonight Simon. I would think it is not easy to play solo performances with the energy and heterogeneous sound Each time I have seen you play your music it appears to me that you are more comfortable doing these gigs and just better. I just might be willing to say you are a better guitarist than you know who.Lord knows in the last ten years I have seen you play more tunes than just Who songs. I like the grace and kindness you show to those in the audience who want you to do your brother’s songs. Keep up the good fight
    When you come touring again could you please have your management book you in Orange County, California but not the Coachhouse

  2. Sound Great Simon. I am at a much happier place in life know. Working on that skill. I will just go up and ask next time promise. Were are my twin brother?

  3. Hey Simon try to make your way back to Toronto when you can would love to see you again !!!!!!

  4. It’s great to hear! Just don’t forget to schedule a gig in NY this year 🙂

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