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Last night I played a solo show, Live @ Drew’s, Ringwood, NJ. What a great gig! I really enjoyed the whole experience, even though the house PA is a bit shot and could do with some updating, it’s a fabulous place and a great concept…. Hand picked artists turn up to play at Drew’s regular old house (it overlooks a lake so maybe not that regular), the audience pay cash on the door which is paid directly to the artist, they bring food and drink – I guess in the states it’s known as a ‘Pot Luck Supper’ (food to share) and BYOB (bring your own booze) and a great time is had by all. Drew has regulars on his mailing list that trust him, they turn up and check out artists / music that otherwise they may never hear or consider all on his recommendation. Such a unique and rare experience, especially in the days of ‘Pay To Play’, to walk away with all the door money leaving the venue owner with just the joy of having had the whole thing going on at his home. Mad, crazy, nuts…! Maybe…. but fantastic at the same time. Drew does what he does all for the love of music. How wonderful is that!?! Thanks Drew. Also, a big thank you to Zara Phillips who came along and played a few songs keeping everyone entertained while I raced there through the Friday night traffic. And yes, Drew, I’d LOVE to play there again, just repair that broken floor monitor will you, please!

Oh, yeah….. I arrived back in my NYC hotel room at 00:24, turned the TV on and watched The Who on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon – that wasn’t bad either ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’d recorded the performance earlier, before I headed over to Drew’s but I never thought I’d make it back in time to watch the actual broadcast. Amazing performance.

Not a bad day overall.


Photo by Mike Knarre


  1. Sorry Simon, just found your web page & saw what you wrote about playing at Drews last Friday.. Wow, it really is so assume to not only see & hear you play, but more so speak with you afterward!

    That said, don’t want to be remiss about what you’re giving us musically but emotionally:) I say that because your openness about addiction floored me! Music in & of itself is such powerful way to motivate people & the lyrics help paint a moving picture.. Then add in your own experience, WOW that’s very giving of you!! God gave you the right gift &!cant thank you enough for sharing.. HUGGS & KISSES

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
    Can hardly wait for your return.
    See you then.

  3. Although a Who fan for decades, this was my first real exposure to your solo work. Very impressive and a great show. I enjoyed meeting you. We were watching you on Fallon later on as well.

  4. Simon

    A truly amazing show at Drew’s.

    Until next time…..



    (Oh, you now have fans in all time and space. Emma appreciated the picture a lot. Thanks.)

  5. Thank you for the most memorable evening. Although i saw the amazing who show the night before, you put on an unforgettable performance in that room (even if you were ready to put your foot through the sound system. Please play more dates in nyc area. Your are a treasure and a gentlemen now matter what your brother says otherwise. ?

    Your CD is awesome. Thanks fior hanging out with the ny/nj riff raff after the show

  6. Hey Simon, AWESOME performance in Ringwood, NJ the other night. We’ve been coming to your solo gigs since you released Sweet Sound back in the day, and how cool it was to see you just up the road, in our new friend Drew’s living room. You’ve never sounded better (even with a small technical glitch). It was obvious that you gained ALOT of new fans there that night. And, yes, we were also home in time to watch you & the boys blow the lid off the Tonight Show. Thanks for racing to Ringwood directly from there, for embracing the ultimate local gig idea and, as always, thanks for “I am the Answer”. We’ll see you on the 17th in Asbury Park!

  7. I was there and you were great. Everything sounded great on my side. Got your new CD and listened on the way home. Love love love it. I hope you do come back to Drew’s. I know I’ll be there. Thanks for the great music. โ™กโ™กโ™ก

  8. The show was excellent!!! Your songwriting is really amazing: great chord structures, lyrically endearing, and you deliver it all with a punch; lots of energy and projection! I know playing with a band has its strengths (and I mean, your m own band, not just the Who!) but you can carry your music very well on your own- extremely well done!!! You should feel great about that; many artists cannot do what you did and move a whole room to silence and cheers!!! Hope to see you again soon! xo Carolyn

  9. What a great show it was from “our side”. From the side of the audience. Your passion for music is evident and I am now a fan, Simon. Thanks to Drew Eckmam. Please come back soon. Peace.

  10. Simon you are a fantastic guitar player. I really appreciate your music.

  11. With I had been there in person, but what I saw on Periscope looked and sounded great! Looked like everyone had a fun time. See you in Boston on Monday.


  12. Not bad a day at all! I’m so glad that I didn’t miss it. It was such a great show. Thanks again so very much!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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