Portland Show Pulled After Sound Check But San Fran Rocks On!

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We made the decision to pull the Alberta Rose Theatre show in Portland on Thursday after I did my sound check. I wasn’t able to get any joy from my voice due to a chest infection. I don’t remember ever pulling a show for health reasons or otherwise and I apologise to the fans that showed up at the venue with great expectations. I promise I will be back as soon as possible and will make it up to you. I began writing this blog post while en route to the Hotel Utah in San Francisco, I took a few different concoctions which seemed to work and I felt well enough to go ahead with the show which was a resounding success, surprising considering how congested I felt during the day. It’s a drag getting a bug like this amidst a tour – hopefully I’m over the worst of it.

There is some cool film of Ed and I at The Triple Door, Seattle shot on Wednesday which will be on my website / YouTube very soon. Also, there are some fantastic reviews of the show. Here is one in particular I like, although I don’t get the ‘sparce crowd’ bit when we had 170 attending:


Off to LA in the morning for a show at McCabes, Santa Monica. Hope to see some of you there.



  1. Glad to hear you filmed you and EV and will post it later…sorry to hear of your *cough* and please don’t take any of that lightly, I am slowly recovering from nasty *cough* myself and it was a lot more serious than I first thought as I attempted to soldier on…170 is a strong crowd anywhere…all the best to you, Simon, always!

  2. An astoundingly incredible show last night in San Francisco!
    From what I could see, this vintage 1908 saloon was full to the rafters with enthusiastic fans – and we weren’t disappointed!
    Simon told us that he has had to cancel his show the night before in Portland due to a bad lung infection and we all felt very blessed and fortunate that he was able to recover for this show.
    One girl commented to me that “Jeez, if Simon sounds this good while sick I’d love to hear him when he’s healthy!”
    He played lots of songs from his fantastic new album called ‘DENIAL'(thanks Simon for signing some of LPs for me!)
    I recommend that EVERYONE buy this new album (it’s out on CD too) – it truly should win ‘album of the year’.

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