Great Night in Vienna

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Fabulous opening to my US tour last night at Wolf Trap in Vienna, just outside DC. I can’t believe so many people left with copies of my new album, Denial – CD and vinyl. Makes me very happy to think there are people listening right now. Next stop on tour tonight at The Tin Angel, Philadelphia.


  1. Great opening night at The Barns at Wolf Trap. Simon was on fire from the opening “Mother” and played his heart out all night, cutting his thumb on the guitar strings early in the show. That did not slow him down one bit, as Simon explained that it was only a problem because “the blood deadens the strings.” The songs from the new album sounded great! Highlights of the show included Leaving This Town, All so Real, the haunting Bare Essence, and of course Looking Out Looking In. And thanks, Simon, for staying to meet the long line of fans waiting after the show. I was the last in the queue, and yet Simon stayed and shook my hand with a warm smile. I shall never forget the moment. God bless Simon this Easter. Congratulations being number 2 on Amazon! Do not miss this show. The previous post is exactly right. You won’t be able to get enough of Denial once you see Simon live.

  2. Really, really enjoyed the show. Great mix of new songs and stuff from the last album and back. You hit all of my favorites from ‘Looking Out Looking In’ and most of my favorites from ‘Among Us.’ Ending with Ecstasy Heaven was a great choice. Thanks for staying to sign CDs and take pictures. Enjoyed having the chance to converse with some fans after the show and you do have awesome fans. I listened to Denial 6 times back to back at work the next day. Made the day fly by in a good way. Please don’t be a stranger to Virginia, looking forward to seeing you perform solo again.

    keep the faith,


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