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I’m packed and ready to fly tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to get to the states. Here’s a quick reminder to let you know that there are only a couple of days left to get the free ‘track for share’ download before my new album, Denial is released. Follow this link if you fancy a listen:


I’m psyched about the shows, too… Looking forward to playing new songs from the album, meeting fans and hopefully signing a million copies (I have plenty of silver and gold pens).

Who’s coming along to a show?


  1. Jill and I will be at the Santa Monica and Hermosa Beach gigs. All the way from the U.K. for the two shows!!

  2. BTW, will you be signing only before or after too? It’ll take about two hours to get there if traffic is good and I don’t know if we need to go into work a little earlier and leave a little earlier or not. Thanks. Keep the faith.

    1. Hi Peggy – Simon makes a point of sticking around after gigs to sign and meet-n-greet. Probably not before any gig this tour as timing is tight, but defo after.

      1. Perfect! Thanks. Just got word that I will be having a second interview for a better position I’m trying for at work too on the same day, so looking forward to an awesome day next week. Keep the faith.

  3. We will see you in Vienna. Been wanting to catch one of your solo shows for about 17 years. Really looking forward to the new music. Safe travels and keep the faith.

  4. Will be seeing you in San Juan Capistrano, California.
    Can not wait

  5. I’m in for both Chicago and Milwaukee. Jane is going to try to make it too. Looking forward to the shows and hope to grab a minute to catch up. At the merch stand? Plus getting my newly minted and signed copy of Denial.

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