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My new album, Denial is due for release on April 1st… only a fool would do that 😉photo-10

Throughout April I’ll be touring America solo acoustic…. Exciting times. Got my Guild 12 string, Knight Mandolin, Gibson Chet Atkins and J200 guitars, some picks, strings and a capo – ready for the off. For a few days before that I’m teaming up with Roger Daltrey to perform on the Moody Blues Cruise sailing out of Miami to the Bahamas (hard life). Hopefully I’ll have a few free hours to get some colour and relax, though it had better stay calm or I’ll be puking all over the stage – I’m not good at sea.

All for now. Stay tuned for regular updates. 


  1. Got my tickets for your show at The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI. Hoping I can get you to sign a couple of your old LP’s from the 80’s. Been I fan ever since I’m the Answer came out. Looking forward to the show in April!

  2. looking forward to ‘Denial’, good luck with the U.S. tour and hope to see you in Newcastle again !!

  3. Simon is a MUST to see live in concert, he truly gives every bit of his performance nothing short of a A + grade.
    On top of a perfect performance score, he rates the same in personability and charm when he sticks around after his performance to sign personal peraphenalia and engages in idle chatter with his fans. Truly an artist who loves what he does, and appreciates his fans. He’s one to keep an eye on . Looking forward to his new LP release on April 1st 🙂

  4. Not sure where as of yet, but Kelly and I will see you along the way, cheers!

  5. Ready to see your first three shows…. #roadtrip #Denial are U ready, Lesley Higgins, Rebecca Leigh, Audrey Laugher (& must mention non-FB Liz!)? C’mon!! Two weeks from tomorrow….let the fun begin!!

  6. Simon, I NEED a signed copy of denial for my collection PLEASE. Xx enjoy the tour and time with roger. Hope you are well xx

  7. Going to your show in NYC, wish I could go & see u blokes on the cruise, tell Roger I asked him to stop by the NYC gig, I have great seats, see u then sweets!

  8. Have fun on the cruise. Can’t wait to hear the full album and hear you play live again!

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