Simon Townshend single "Bare Essence"

Bare Essence (UK Single – STIR)

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Simon Townshend single "Bare Essence"

Bare Essence b/w
Meet In A Dream (featuring Hanna)

This was a limited 12″ single prior to the release of the album DENIAL.

It is not currently unavailable.
[divider_flat] (STIR 10112 – Bare Essence (single) – Release Date: 2013-05-17)


  1. Enjoyed seeing Simon play this single at The Who Convention, I so wanted to purchase a signed copy but my train back to Worthing was due and not only did I miss his finally, (and in good Who tradition, finallys are FAB!)but I had to leave a fantastic weekend without a copy of the 12” single. Such a shame, but will there be another opportunaty to get a signed copy? (I also saw Simon at the start of The Whos O2 concert where he was also going to be signing and selling his Album & Single But unfortunatly it turned out he didn’t have any untill the Islington gig). Untill then I will keep listening to Looking out-Looking In!

  2. I did actually catch Simon last night. It was great to see him but it was such a tease for viewing audience!! Would have loved to hear all of the songs in their entirety.
    Come back to Chicago and play please. You can even bring your brother.

  3. Just saw you “Shred” on JF

    Youre pretty good!

    Lemme know when you’re “Strafing” SW Florida

    You guys, I gotta tell ya. You guys are Kewl


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