Winnipeg – Show #7 – Supporting HEART

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March 17 – Winnepeg, MB

After a day off and a fine steak at the birthday celebration for Nancy Wilson, it’s back to work.

Centennial Concert Hall, Winnepeg

The word is that Denial was replaced tonight by “Making Waves” in the set list, and that Simon once again guested on the Love Reign encore.

Set List: Electric Friend, Comeback, She Asked Me, Bare Essence, Bed of Roses, The Way It Is, Making Waves, Iā€™m The Answer, Forever And A Day

On the road to Thunder Bay:


The road to Thunder Bay ...

The road to Thunder Bay …
Icy, snowy, scary



  1. I do not know where the good weather is that I promised. Last year we were between 10 and 20 degrees in Toronto through March. Today it is -1C and snowing. Massey Hall will warm you up! Legendary acoustics. Supposedly you can actually play unplugged if you choose, Simon. šŸ™‚ I saw Elvis Costello do this once. Stay warm.

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