Denial – unreleased VIDEO

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A special rarity from Simon – A new unreleased song WITH video. “Denial” is one of a handful of unreleased tracks that Simon has been sprinkling into his live sets this year. The video that accompanies this track was filmed during Simon’s appearance at the Cleethorpes Rocks Festival on Sept 1, 2012.

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  1. Dear Simon, We LOVE you in MOTOWN!! PLEASE PLAY DETROIT!!! PJ’s Lager House on Michigan Ave. is a short 2 minute drive from The Joe Louis Arena. I & many of my friends had tix to your Nov.’97 gig at the “Shelter” that was canceled due to weather(it snowed like a BEEOTCH!).We have been waiting for your return ever since. Even if you did a small set on your acoustic guitar my S.T. fix would be made! You sent me a hand signed(by you and your son Ben) award winning postcard a few years back that I still treasure to this very day! I will send P.J. your booking page.Take care and see you in Detroit with “The Who” and hopefully solo Nov.24th. Cheers!,HenryPonds

  2. My daily stop.. Here. Denial. There’s something to this song,the all out vocals echo the inner cries of one in denial. A gem.

  3. I am going through the absolute worst right now.Opiate withdrawal. Been on powerful painkillers on/off since Oct ’06. I listened to ‘Denial’,on headphones and felt a warm felling spread across my body.Maybe this hits a little too close to home for me,but I feel physically better after listning to this song.Thank you.

  4. Simon this song is as good as any WHO song ever written. I know this is one of your solo songs…. but it is good or better than anything Pete has ever written.

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