The Who to perform at Olympics closing ceremony

July 18, 2012 | By

(originally posted 2012-06-14 – now finally official) On August 12th, The Who will take part in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, London!  Simon will be a part of the band just like he was for Superbowl XLIV – 2010. The Olympic committee wanted four major artists representing Britain over the past 50 years – And it has been confirmed that The Who, Take That, George Michael and Emele Sande among others will perform.

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  1. Mick Murphy says:

    In my opinion the only part of the Olympics worth watching,great

  2. Holly Fogg says:

    You’ll blow everyone else off stage!

  3. Right On. I guess Keith wont be there though…

  4. LD on CD says:

    Such an important stage, as befits the band’s status.
    Now can you get ’em to fix the technical issues for Fanclub logins/members for those of us desperate for the tour presale??? Thank you!!!!!!!! lol

  5. Jim Breeding says:

    Props r due!!!!!

  6. Reggy Tan says:

    Please do tell Rog not to wear a guitar, Simon. Just mike swinging will do. That’s what he’s good at.

  7. Cori Hinton says:


  8. thats great news si!!!

  9. Mark Handyside says:

    Great news looking forward to it.Simon can you please have a word with Pete and Roger to do some Quadrophenia shows in the UK.

  10. Don Muir says:

    rather watch The Who for 2 weeks than the Olympics !!!

  11. very cool dear boy!!!

  12. Burt Smith says:

    i will be watching

  13. yes….allright Si….

  14. mark birdseye says:

    big congrats m8 when i found out that you and the band was playing looked in to getting a ticket . but at £9000 thats way to much for me.(if you need extra security im your man have a sia licence and will do it for free lol)hope you peter and roger tour together real soon.

  15. lasse says:

    Sorry i mean closing ceremony,,, anyway the best coming Always latest!!!!!

  16. lasse says:

    Its great to se WHO in the Wellcome Cermony in the olympic. They are the biggest loadest and best band in the world…….Its cool…….